Trading continuously since 1986, Equibullion is one of India’s largest independent bullion dealer.Equibullion offers customers an opportunity to buy gold and silver in small denominations at the lowest price. An online system designed for customers to buy gold and silver in a simple, easy and convenient manner. The customer can request for the physical delivery of the gold and silver whenever they want and the gold and silver shall be delivered at the customer’s doorstep.


  • Equibullion sells the gold and silver at wholesale prices to retail investors making it more affordable.


  • The gold/silver is stored for free on your behalf in a secured vault which is controlled and * monitored by an independent trustee.


  • The option to store the gold and silver with us and request for delivery at your own convenience24/7 access to your online account.


  • No brokerage or fees charged on account opening, buying or selling.

To find out more about how Equibullion can assist with your bullion investment needs, please contact us at “EMAIL ID”. Our highly experienced and expert staff can offer you assistance with all aspects of your precious metal investment, from your very first purchase, to high-security storage and insurance solutions. Whether you’re new to bullion investment or you already have an account with us, our specialist team are here to assist you throughout your transaction, from start to finish.

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