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‘Equibullion’ is a platform which facilitates purchase of physical bullion (i.e. Gold/Silver) in smaller denominations, with the ease of online access. The customer can request for the delivery of Gold/Silver purchased from Equibullion anytime they want in the form of coins and bars. Customers can also sell the bullion (bought from us) in a secured and convenient manner back to Equibullion.

The articles requested to be delivered are delivered at your doorstep. You also have the option to pick up the delivery at our delivery centres across India. ‘Equibullion’ is also reaching out to the masses that are not so ‘Net-Savvy’ by collaborating with Intermediaries/Brokers for them.

  • Small Purchase Quantity: Equibullion allows you to purchase Gold and Silver for as low as Re. 1
  • Better Prices: The Gold/ Silver is available at wholesale market prices.
  • Buy Back: You can sell the Gold/Silver bought from us back to ‘Equibullion’ at very low spreads.
  • Ease of Account Opening: Opening an Account is a hassle free process. All the customer needs is access to the internet.
  • Ease of Operations: The funds can be transferred through Online/Offline mode and the customer can transact through the platform making it very secure and convenient to operate.
  • Minimum Verification: All that the customer needs to do is verify his mobile number for successful registration.
  • No Additional Costs: No brokerage is charged at any given point of time. The customers do not have to pay for storage and insurance.
  • Delivery: The customer can avail delivery of articles anytime (i.e. Gold Coins/ Silver Bars) at their doorstep or at our delivery centers.
  • Prompt Customer ServiceIn case of Queries or assistance, the customers can contact the Customer Service Desk by Email, Telephone or Live Chat during business hours.

The buy and sell prices of Gold ETFs are quoted by multiple Authorized Participants. Also, the quoted buy/sell prices of Gold ETFs do not coincide with physical gold prices due to the involvement of cash component. The prices are eventually higher due to fees of the asset management companies and brokerage charged by broking firms. Therefore, the Gold ETFs are likely to cost higher for retail buyers. In Equibullion, the buy and sell prices are quoted by us on the basis of wholesale prices in the spot market. We share the benefit of wholesale market prices with our customers. So, you can buy/sell gold and silver at the most competitive prices.

To know more about Bullion and Bullion market, you can visit our research and analysis section on: https://equibullion.com/news/

Equibullion is a savings product which urges customers to save in physical gold for their future physical gold requirements – like Daughter’s Marriage, Wedding Anniversary, etc. Hence one should not look upon Equibullion from an investment perspective. However if you look at gold as an asset class, it has given a decent return with very little volatility in the Indian markets.

In ‘Equibullion’, the Buy & Sell prices are quoted on the basis of wholesale prices in the spot market. We share the benefit of wholesale market prices with our customers, making us more competitive as compared to others.

Prices are quoted by Equibullion for buying and selling irrespective of the quantity to be bought or sold. At any point of time, there will be a very nominal difference between buy and sell prices.

Custody & Insurance

The physical gold / silver is stored in Brinks’ vault, the service which is utilized by various banks in India and also by various Asset Management Companies (AMCs) for their Gold-ETFs.

Brink’s is a global leader in security-related services for banks, financial institutions, mines, retailers, diamond and jewelry industries, pharmaceuticals and a variety of other commercial and governmental customers. From long-distance transport of valuables, vaulting and other value-added solutions with enhanced security. It currently employs over 64,000 people worldwide, having presence in more than 100 countries. They are customers of the ‘London Bullion Market Association’ (LBMA).

A leading insurance company which insures the physical gold/silver stored in vaults and the gold, silver and jewelry at the time of delivery in transit. Equibullion does not charge the customers towards insurance.

Systematic Investment Plan

The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a scheme where in you can buy Gold/Silver of a certain fixed amount every month from Bullion India. It allows accumulating Gold/Silver in smaller quantity through periodic installments. Thus the monthly installment is used in a month on your selected date to buy Gold/Silver at Daily Average Prices.

For example: If you create a SIP of Rs. 1000 per month, Rs.1000 will be utilized on selected date for purchase of Gold/Silver.

The Daily Average Price is calculated in a very transparent manner on our website. We calculate the average price of both Gold and Silver prices on Bullion India website between 12.00 pm to 12.05 pm..

Once you are successfully registered, you need to log into your account, click on the SIP link, fill in a simple form specifying your choices and submit. Your application to SIP will be completed and you will get a confirmation sms. You have the option of using ECS (Direct Debit) wherein this amount shall be debited in your bank account on a regular basis.

The SIP investment can be started with a minimum amount of Rs. 1,000/-month. There is no limit on the maximum amount for SIP investment and you can invest in multiples of Rs. 1,000

The customer has the option to select SIP Investment Tenure ranging from 1 year to 10 years.

No, the member can‘t opt for Cash at the end of SIP tenure. He can however sell the gold and silver to Bullion India.

If you miss your SIP installment, then you will be given a grace period of 5 days. In case you don‘t deposit funds within the grace period, then your SIP will be treated as ‘Defaulter’ and the member‘s SIP will be terminated.

The member can exit the ongoing SIP by contacting ‘Bullion India’ customer help-desk at +91-22-61420000.

No, the tenure of SIP plan cannot be extended once the SIP plan is successfully created. However, you can avail a fresh SIP plan at the completion of the existing SIP in just one click.

You can create as many SIPs (with different options) as you want from on single Bullion India account.

The Gold/Silver quantity bought in SIP will be delivered and invoiced at the end of the same day as explained under Registration, Documentation and Operations section.

You can download your detailed SIP statement under the SIP section after you log in to your Bullion India account.

No, the SIP accumulated quantity cannot be sold during SIP tenure. However, the customer can request the delivery of the gold and silver accumulated in the form of coins and bars. The customer can sell the gold and silver accumulated under the SIP only at the end of the tenure. At the end of SIP tenure, the customer must sell the gold/silver at the market price of ‘Bullion India’ on that day.

No, the member doesn’t have to pay any charges for exit the SIP plan.

You can renew your SIP Plan by contacting the customer service help desk.

Product & Purity

Bullion India through its online platform sells 24 carat 999 Gold and 24 carat 999 Silver.

Goods & Services tax GST is an indirect tax which was introduced in India on 1 July 2017 and was applicable throughout India which replaced multiple cascading taxes levied by the central and state governments. All our prices quoted on the website is exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes.

In case the customer makes purchase in Gold /Silver and shows the amount as purchase in his/her Books of Accounts, the profit on sale of Gold/Silver made after 36 months shall be treated as Long-term Capital gain, and in case of loss it shall be Long-term Capital loss. The aforesaid treatment is as per the existing provisions of the Income Tax Act.

In case the member makes purchase in Gold/Silver, treats the purchase as traded item and shows it as Stock in Trade, the profit/loss on sale or purchase shall be treated as ‘Business Income’ and the same shall be put to tax at the rate applicable.

You can shop on Bullion India effortlessly once you’re ready to buy an article. If you’re looking for a specific article, enter a few words in the search box provided and we’ll show you all the matching results. Otherwise you can browse through our catalog. Click on the product you like, to see its description and other details. Once you are ready to buy, click on “Buy Now” button

You will be redirected to your shopping cart. To continue shopping go back and add more products to cart in the same way as mentioned above. You can return to cart by clicking on cart icon on top right of the page and all your selected products will be there.

On the cart page, click on checkout, enter your delivery and payment details and complete the payment. You – have the option to use the business deposit you hold with Bullion India to complete your payment or make the payment by online payment gateway

Then just sit back and wait for your item to arrive!

You can request delivery of the Gold and Silver bought on Bullion India in the form of coins and bars and they shall be delivered at your doorstep. The customer can request the delivery by selecting from a wide range of coins and bars and paying a nominal delivery fee.

No, as of now the Gold/Silver can’t be transferred to another Bullion India account.

Finkurve Financial Services Limited (FFSL), a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) was established in the year 1984. From being engaged initially in the business of lending funds and financing small and large companies, the company has aggressively ventured into the financial services sector in recent times. With a fresh initiative and management impetus, FFSL has launched a number of innovative financial products and services based on bullion and foreign exchange to cater to the needs of different sections of the society.

The customer service desk can be contacted at the below details:

Phone No :- 022 6142 0000

Email : – help@augmont.in

Once the delivery request has been placed by you and accepted by Bullion India, you will receive a link in email/sms which will help you keep a tab on the status of your order. You can also check the status of your order in the My Orders tab on the dashboard.

No. Anyone can shop on Bullion India as a guest user even if they are not registered on Bullion India. You need to select the items, complete the payment and the articles shall be delivered at your doorstep.

You have the option of collecting the delivery of the articles at any of our delivery centres across India. At the time of placing the order you have the option of selecting the Delivery Centre Pickup option where we have delivery centers at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Surat, Mangalore, Chennai and Goa. More details about these delivery centres shall be available to you on selecting this mode of delivery at the time of placing the order.

We will soon be adding more delivery centers for this mode of delivery.

The customer will get the delivery within 10 working days from the day of the placement of order/requesting delivery, at the shipping address specified in the order or from the designated delivery centers selected.

Currently, a delivery request/shop order once placed cannot be cancelled. In case of any queries or issues, please contact the customer help desk.

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