Silver Coin
    • 250 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Mini Monster Box (2019)


      The Mini Monster Box contains 250 x 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Coins (2019).

      These spectacular coins are made from .9999 pure silver and are struck by the Perth Mint.

      As a modern bullion coin, the silver kangaroo features industry-leading advancements including a spectacular high relief design and an authentication feature to ensure it is difficult to counterfeit and can retain its value.

      The front of the Australian silver kangaroo coin features Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the monetary denomination. Silver kangaroos are legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965 and have a face value of $1 Australian dollar.

      The reverse of the coin features a bounding kangaroo against a background of stylized sun rays with the 2019 year-date, purity, and an authentication feature: a micro-laser engraved letter ‘A’ in the last A of AUSTRALIAN that is detectable under a magnifying glass. There is also a “P” mint mark for the Perth Mint, which is widely-known for producing some of the highest quality bullion coins in the world.

      Silver kangaroos are prized for their striking design. They are also eligible for purchase in a precious metals IRA. Consider adding these impressive 99.99% pure silver bullion coins to your portfolio today.

      Weight: 250 oz
      Purity: .9999
    • 30 gram Chinese Silver Panda Coin (2019)


      The 2019 30 gram Chinese Silver Panda Coin offers investors a chance to own a piece of an ancient civilization that reveres silver as money and a symbol of prosperity.

      Silver Panda coins are unique because their design changes every year.

      New for 2019, the back of the coin design features a mother giant panda cradling her baby against a backdrop of tall mountains, along with the coin’s metric weight and purity.

      Silver Pandas are the official bullion coin of China and have been minted since 1986.

      Each beautiful 30 gram Silver Panda Coin contains 0.9645 troy oz of .999 fine silver.

      Silver Pandas are legal tender with a face value of 10 yuan and are backed by the People’s Republic of China.

      The front of the coin features the year-date and the iconic Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. Located in Beijing in the Temple of Heaven, this masterpiece of architecture was built during the Ming Dynasty. As the name suggests, emperors held ceremonies here to pray for good weather and abundant harvests. It is pictured below:

      Weight: 30 gram
      Diameter: 40 mm
      Purity: .9999
    • 500 oz Mint Case American Silver Eagle (2019)


      ***The US Mint is temporarily sold out of 2019-dated American Eagle Silver Coins. They are expected to be back in stock soon, shipping around April 4, 2019.***

      Sealed Silver Eagle Mint Cases, also known within the industry as Silver Monster Boxes, contain 500 2019 American Silver Eagle Coins weighing 1 ounce each. The sealed mint case contains 25 tubes of 20 Silver Eagle coins per tube. These tubes have a fail-safe design that makes it nearly impossible to load an incorrect number of Silver Eagles.

      The Silver Eagle Mint case is kept sealed by two flat plastic straps with the name of the mint where they were created printed on the straps. Inside the Silver Eagle Monster Box there is an audit slip signed and dated by a person representing the United States Mint, along with 500 pristine coins.

      2019 Silver Eagles are 99.9% pure silver and beautifully designed and crafted, making them highly collectible, especially in 500 coin quantities like the Monster Box.

      The investment liquidity of the American Silver Eagle Coin is outstanding. Aside from the Silver Eagle Coin being legal tender in the United States, officially worth one US dollar, their design and government backing makes them convertible into currency worldwide.

      Weight: 500 oz
    • 500 oz Mint Case Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin (2019)


      This sealed Mint Case, also known as a “Monster Box,” includes 500 1 ounce 2019 Austrian Silver Philharmonics. The 2019 Austrian Philharmonic silver coin is struck in .999 fine silver and weighs in at 1 ounce each, making the weight of the 500 count mint box around 35 pounds or 16 kg.

      Your sealed mint case comes with 25 tubes filled 20 coins each.

      Silver Philharmonic coins are legal tender with a 1.50 Euro face value, backed by the Republic of Austria. The quality and availability of the Silver Philharmonic make it extremely popular across the globe.

      Investors seek out the Silver Philharmonic coin when they need to buy silver coins that are exceedingly beautiful, easily recognizable, and highly liquid for conversion to cash currencies. Silver Philharmonics are IRA-eligible.

      Silver Philharmonic coins are produced by the highly-acclaimed Austrian Mint in Vienna, which has struck coins for over 800 years. The coin measures 37 mm (1.46 inches) in diameter, making it one of the widest 1 oz silver coins currently in production and a favorite among collectors and investors.

      Over 80 million Silver Philharmonic coins have been sold since it was first minted in 2008.

      The design of the coin celebrates the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the pinnacle of classical music and Austrian culture.

      The front of the Silver Philharmonic coin features the extraordinary pipe organ from the Golden Hall of the Vienna Music Society, recognized throughout the world as the backdrop to the Philharmonic’s New Year concerts. It is pictured below:



      Above the organ, the words “Republik Österreich” (Republic of Austria) stand in a semi-circle with the weight, purity, year-date, and face value displayed below.

      The back of the Silver Philharmonic coin features eight orchestral instruments – four violins, a cello, Viennese horn, bassoon, and harp – along with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra written in German.

      Looking at this beautiful coin, you can imagine sitting in the Golden Hall listening to the harmonies of Austria’s great composers: Mozart, Schubert, Johann Strauss or Haydn.

      Buying a sealed Monster Box of 500 of these beautiful silver coins is a great investment and an excellent way to grow a store of collectible gold and silver.

      GoldSilver also offers American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Monster Boxes.

      Weight: 500 oz
      Purity: .9999
    • 500 oz Mint Case Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (2019)


      All 2019 Silver Maple Leafs feature MintShield™ surface protectant, the first proven, proprietary solution for significantly reducing the occurrence of white spots on silver bullion.

      This is a sealed, 500 oz monster box containing 20 tubes, each with 25 oz of 2019 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. They are backed by the Canadian government with a face value of $5 CAD and contain a silver purity of .9999.

      The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is exempt from IRS 1099B dealer reporting which makes it one of the most private silver investments today. The Maple Leaf also qualifies for your silver IRA.

      The design features radial lines emanating from the center of the coin, machined precisely within microns to ensure consistent die production and coin striking. The specific width and pitch of the lines create a light diffracting pattern which makes the silver Maple Leaf unique among other bullion products.

      The micro-engraved security mark has also been added to the reverse of the coin. A textured maple leaf incorporates the numeral “19” to denote the coin’s year of issue and represents the cutting edge in bullion coin security.

      Weight: 500 oz
      Purity: .9999
    • Investor Starter Kit (Silver)


      The GoldSilver Investor Start Kit (Silver) includes:

      – 20 x 1 oz Silver Pegasus Rounds (Our Choice of Year) complete with a custom blue lock-in top and shatter resistant tube.

      – Mike Maloney’s Best-selling Book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.

      – DVD of Episodes 1-3 of Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money video series. (This DVD is only available with this kit.)


      About the Pegasus Silver Round

      The 1 oz Pegasus Silver Round (Our Choice) is a great value. Investors treasure it for its beauty, investment-grade .999 fine silver content, and extremely low price. In fact, it’s the bestselling silver round we’ve ever minted.

      Our source of inspiration for the Pegasus came from real coins used in Greece thousands of years ago.

      As with the ancient coins, the design features Pegasus, an iconic character from Greek mythology.

      Ancient Pegasus coin from approx. 340 B.C. – for reference only.


      On the coin, he is depicted in flight. Just as Pegasus can soar through the air, we, too, can rise above earthly burdens. This 1 oz silver coin is a timeless symbol of this lesson.

      The intricately designed reverse side features the inscription “Free Markets & Free People.” A lion and bull are visible near the center of the coin. They are a tribute to their appearance on the first coins ever minted, dating back over 2,500 years ago in Lydia.

      Unlike government issue coins, the Pegasus does not have high seigniorage costs (the difference between the value of money and the cost to produce and distribute it). This makes it a simple way to own a fine bullion product as close to the spot price as possible.

      That’s why we describe all coins in our Modern Ancients line as collectible quality at bullion prices. You’ll feel the quality when you hold this coin in your hands.


       Composition: .999 fine silver.

       Weight: 1 oz.

       Diameter: 39 mm

       Thickness: 3.175 mm

      Important: this is an “Our Choice” round. When you select “our choice” 1 oz Pegasus Silver Rounds you’ll save money by letting us choose the minting years for you. We fulfill your order by selecting from the lowest priced stock available. The years will vary and may be mixed or all the same. “Our choice” rounds make great investments as they are less expensive than specific or current year rounds.

      About Mike’s Best-selling Book 

      Mike Maloney’s Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver explains how to invest in the only asset proven to increase exponentially in value during a financial crisis: physical gold and silver.

      You’ll learn how to acquire these metals and ensure you and your family are on the right side of history, emerging wealthier from the coming financial crisis. As Mike says, “with every great crisis comes great opportunity.”   Mike’s book explains how, throughout time, only the holders of gold and silver survive economic and monetary collapses. This was as true for Ancient Greece and Rome or the Weimar Republic as it is for to the coming disaster that’s been set in motion by the US Federal Reserve, central banks, and governments around the world.

      Mike’s book shares the data, stories, and historical accounts to help you understand:

      – The essential history of economic cycles that make gold and silver the ultimate monetary standard.

      – How the U.S. government is driving inflation by diluting our money supply and weakening our purchasing power.

      – Why precious metals are one of the most profitable, easiest, and safest investments you can make.

      – Where, when, and how to invest your money and realize maximum returns, no matter what the economy’s state.

      – Essential advice on avoiding scams, rip-offs, and middlemen by taking control of your financial destiny and making your investments directly.


      About the Hidden Secrets of Money DVD

      It includes:

      Ep 1: Money vs. Currency 

      Mike Maloney travels to Egypt to unravel the difference between money and currency. Many people have been led to believe they are the same thing, a misconception that could have dire consequences in the near future.

      Ep 2: Seven Stages of Empire    In Greece, Mike discovers when and why currency became money. Then he covers the seven economic stages every Empire goes through. During a private meeting in London, he looks at 140 years of U.S. monetary history to reveal which stage we are in now.

      Ep 3: Death of the U.S. Dollar Standard

      Mike states his case for why the world will soon have a new monetary system. He covers events converging today, including countries repatriating gold and bilateral trade agreements, that mark the beginning of the end for the U.S. Dollar Standard.

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