1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (2019)


The 2019 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle coin is a stamped and minted by the United States government, which means that its purity, weight, and gold content are entirely guaranteed. Crafted by the US Mint from 22-karat gold, which is more resilient than 24-karat gold, American Gold Eagle gold coins are entirely made of gold mined within the United States.

Prized for their beauty and their investment liquidity, American Gold Eagles are legal tender that is recognized worldwide and therefore easy to convert into currency. Furthermore, investors looking to buy gold coins choose Gold Eagles because they are exempt from the Internal Revenue Service’s 1099B Brokerage reporting constraints. These gold coins are a sure investment that are highly movable and a sensible choice for first-time precious metal investors.

The American Gold Eagle is the most popular gold bullion coin in the world, with more than 12 million coins currently in circulation. Production of American Eagles began in 1986, after congressional approval of the Bullion Coin Act of 1985. However, the design of the coin dates back to Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency when he commissioned a gold coin meant to outdo the beauty of ancient coins crafted by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. American Eagles feature a male eagle flying home to its nest on the face and Lady Liberty with an olive branch in one hand and a torch held high in the other on the obverse.

The 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle coin is sold in tubes of 40 with an easily recognizable light turquoise top. Each coin has one-quarter ounce of gold and an overall weight of .27 troy ounces.

Weight: 1/4 oz
Diameter: 22.00 mm
Thickness: 1.78 mm
Purity: .9167
Face Value: $10.00
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