1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin (Common Date)


The Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin (Common Date) is a classically styled coin containing 1 oz of .999 fine silver. The quality and availability of the Silver Philharmonic make it extremely popular across the globe.

Silver Philharmonic coins are legal tender with a 1.50 Euro face value, backed by the Republic of Austria.

Investors seek out the Silver Philharmonic coin when they need to buy silver coins that are exceedingly beautiful, easily recognizable, and highly liquid for conversion to cash currencies. They also are IRA-eligible.

Silver Philharmonic coins are produced by the highly-acclaimed Austrian Mint in Vienna, which has struck coins for over 800 years.

Over 80 million Silver Philharmonic coins have been sold since it was first minted in 2008.

What does “Common Date” mean? These 1 oz Silver Philharmonics are circulated coins (i.e. pre-owned). The years will vary and may be mixed or all the same. These affordable coins have signs of wear including tarnishing or oxidation but the value of their silver content is not diminished.

The design of the coin celebrates the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the pinnacle of classical music and Austrian culture.

The front of the Silver Philharmonic coin features the extraordinary pipe organ from the Golden Hall of the Vienna Music Society, recognized throughout the world as the backdrop to the Philharmonic’s New Year concerts. It is pictured below:


Above the organ, the words “Republik Österreich” (Republic of Austria) stand in a semi-circle with the weight, purity, year-date, and face value displayed below.

The back of the Silver Philharmonic coin features eight orchestral instruments – four violins, a cello, Viennese horn, bassoon and harp – along with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra written in German.

Looking at this beautiful coin, you can imagine sitting in the Golden Hall listening to the harmonies of Austria’s great composers: Mozart, Schubert, Johann Strauss or Haydn.

Silver Philharmonics are suitable for home storage but also offer a way to diversify your precious metals investments when held in private vault storage. By storing your Silver Philharmonics outside of your home country, you’re keeping it in a secure place where it is highly recognized and valued.

Weight: 1 oz
Diameter: 37 mm
Thickness: 3.20 mm
Purity: .9999
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