500 oz Mint Case American Silver Eagle (2019)


***The US Mint is temporarily sold out of 2019-dated American Eagle Silver Coins. They are expected to be back in stock soon, shipping around April 4, 2019.***

Sealed Silver Eagle Mint Cases, also known within the industry as Silver Monster Boxes, contain 500 2019 American Silver Eagle Coins weighing 1 ounce each. The sealed mint case contains 25 tubes of 20 Silver Eagle coins per tube. These tubes have a fail-safe design that makes it nearly impossible to load an incorrect number of Silver Eagles.

The Silver Eagle Mint case is kept sealed by two flat plastic straps with the name of the mint where they were created printed on the straps. Inside the Silver Eagle Monster Box there is an audit slip signed and dated by a person representing the United States Mint, along with 500 pristine coins.

2019 Silver Eagles are 99.9% pure silver and beautifully designed and crafted, making them highly collectible, especially in 500 coin quantities like the Monster Box.

The investment liquidity of the American Silver Eagle Coin is outstanding. Aside from the Silver Eagle Coin being legal tender in the United States, officially worth one US dollar, their design and government backing makes them convertible into currency worldwide.

Weight: 500 oz
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